How Cimas refreshed their brand appeal and lowered their claims/loss ratio by integrating wellness into their core business


  • Cimas is the largest independent healthcare provider in Zimbabwe, comprising medical aid, laboratories, clinics, dialysis, optical, drug and emergency rescue services.
  • Cimas was viewed by its members as 'old-world' from recent research findings.
    • The Cimas master brand was 75 years old, and the five divisional brand identities were made up of uninspiring clipart.
  • Stiff competition existed in the healthcare sector and regulatory issues were challenging as Government launched their own national healthcare service (mandatory for Civil Servants).
  • Cimas had a high claims/loss ratio (94.2%).
  • They had recently lost their Group Marketing Director, resulting in a decision-making vacuum.
  • The Board had recently appointed a visionary CEO, who engaged Openminds for consultancy and to perform the role of their Group Marketing Director.


    • Secure the professional services of a creative agency and enter a contractual retainer arrangement with a brief to re-brand the organisation with a modular, monolithic brand across their SBU’s.
      • Involve key stakeholders in the approval process and have all communication and branding initiatives approved at Board Level.
    • Launch innovative products which reposition the Cimas brand as fresh and vibrant.
    • Address the claims/loss ratio by communicating health and wellness issues to current and prospective Cimas members.
    • Facilitate streamlined decision making with internal structures across the five major divisions and the 5,000 registered service providers.


    • Introduced a new refreshed brand identity retaining familiarity with the original brand yet still offering a modern, clean, simplistic identity.
      • Ensure the new identity is encapsulated in refreshed Corporate Values, Vision and Mission.
      • The rollout included revamped outlet signage, internal literature, product brochures, monthly newsletter upgrade, and vehicle wrapping.
    • Launched iGo Wellness & Loyalty Program (partnering with leading gyms and retail outlets), offering nationwide membership benefits to Cimas and iGo members.
      • The rollout included starter packs, press, tactical out-of-home, cinema, digital, direct marketing, social, radio, brand activations and sponsorships.
    • Unveiled fresh new products – addressing a customer-centric approach
      • Global Travel Cover (GTC) was conveyed by the creative idea and new payoff line, ‘Always, In Case’.
        • GTC was represented as the ‘one thing you can’t leave behind’.
        • Creative executions used well-known foreign landmarks with various injuries as a clever allusion to the need for travel insurance, to immediately resonate with the viewer and the concept of travel.
        • The placement of adverts in business newspapers, paired with specific high-travel date ranges (October – December), captured the attention of travellers.
      • Digital upgrades
        • Purchased a white label Online symptom checker to help direct members to first self-check.
        • Lead the design and launch of a refreshed website including an Online payment facility.
        • Introduced a 24/7 contact centre with the capacity to handle up to 10,000 contacts per month over the telephone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
        • Engaged the services of an Indian technology company to install biometric login devices at all Cimas service providers (renamed “blue zones”).

The above companies partnered with the iGo Wellness & Loyalty Program


  • The new brand was well-received by all stakeholders as tracked communications demonstrated strong consumer engagement which translated into sales leads and led to the key ROI metric of signups exceeding Cimas’ target, weeks before deadline.
  • Signups for GTC increased by well over 300% compared to the same period 12 months previous.
  • 32% reduced membership complaints following the introduction of the online payment facility and the launch of the contact centre.
  • Creative ‘Ngoma’ awards were picked up for the iGo brand identity, the new Cimas website, as well as an innovation award for the Online Symptom checker.
  • The claims/loss ratio reduced to 88% within just six months (translated to $6M in additional revenue).


Cimas won:

  • Best Medical Aid Company of the Year 2016.
  • IPMZ Business Partner of the Year 2016.
  • Wellness Leadership Award of the Year 2016.


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